JBL Quantum 50


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JBL Quantum 50

JBL Quantum 50 is a wired in-ear gaming headset. This device has a volume slider and an under the mic mute option built-in for mobile gaming.   Immerse yourself into a whole new world the moment you pick up your device and plug in your earphones. 8.6 mm drivers and the JBL Quantum Sound Signature gives it the power.  This allows you to hear you enemies or your friends for that matter, like never before. You also have absolute control over your headset as you could operate this with the separated master volume slider, microphone mute and multifunction button, to keep things pretty simple and convenient.

You cannot be fiddling around with controls and other options, while playing. The JBL Quantum 50 has it all set and ready for you. Inline voice focused microphone boosts multiplayer options.  Since the microphone is close to the mouth and separated from the other controls, it has the superior ability to pick up your voice with crystal clear recognition. You can be heard clearly and precisely by everybody else to ensure that you are fully involved and ready to dominate !

The Twistlock technology patented ergonomic technology and ultra-soft silicone gives you a superior and secure fit for the longest gaming sessions to fly by, and would certainly give you the comfort and stability to be connected at all times. You can have your games on the go as it is made for the mobile phones. In addition, it could also be used on all other platforms as it is compatible with PC,Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo switch , mobile and VR.

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