JBL Quantum 800



JBL Quantum 800

The JBL Quantum 800 is for gamers.  Audio precision gives it the utmost immersive and accurate gaming experience one could ever ask for. The JBL quantum surround sound puts you at the center of the experience as you would game yourself towards the triumph of victory with this particular device upon your ears. This is also equipped with a DTS headphone: XV 2.0 which is exclusively available on PC.

Hi-Res certified 50mm drivers and the JBL Quantum Sound Signature powers this device. This delivers the most realistic soundscape for a competitive advantage during any of your favorite gaming sessions. The most added advantage to this particular device is that you could walk away from your gaming space without taking off your headset and not losing on anything that happens around it as this device has Bluetooth 5.0 dual wireless audio and complete 14-hour battery life. go grab a snack while you play as you are now equipped with a lossless audio freedom feature with this dual wireless headset.

Play longer hours. It is lightweight. The use of cushions gives comfort to the ears.  Long game sessions with your friends and family are no longer going to be a pain on the ear as this memory foam will certainly keep you cushioned throughout the session. the active noise cancellation system also eliminates any unwanted background noises so that you could say fully engaged in your gaming session despite the drama that takes place around you! immerse yourself into a different world that you find most fascinating and enjoyable with the JBL quantum 800.

this is compatible with all PC, PlayStation, Mac, and VR, as it is compatible via a 2.4GHz wireless connection or 3.5 5MM audio Jack for all the other devices.


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