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Black, Teal, Gray, blue, coral orange, and white are some of the color ranges that you get to choose your JBL TUNE 115BT from. These mesmerizing colors are unique and suitable to fit any outfit or Occasion. these headphones have been customized to ensure that you are able to hear and listen to the music as if you were listening to the real live show. You can enjoy up to 8 hours of battery life which also could be speed charged. Micro USB charging and the built-in battery provide up to 8 hours of playtime which ensures that you stay connected with your favorite playlist throughout the day. The recharging takes about 2 hours or just 15 minutes for a one-hour top-up. This one-over top-up is very convenient as it lets you get back on track and finish up the currently engaged activity without delay.

The magnetic cable management option ensures that your cables remain comfortably secure and tangle-free around your neck when not in use. Large tangles and knots can damage the cable or even create an uncomfortable situation when you have to untangle it to get going with your day-to-day activities. Therefore this magnetic cable management option ensures you stay hassle-free and are always ready to be on the go.

The multipoint connection on the other hand allows you to effortlessly switch from 1 Bluetooth device to another without a hassle. this certainly ensures that you could switch from watching a video on your tablet to a call on your mobile phone so that you never miss that video or that call as you multitask. Furthermore, the three-button remote with the microphone allows you to enjoy wireless calls and manage your music hands-free.

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Black, Blue, Gray, Hero White, Red, Teal


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