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Wireless on-ear headphones are the most convenient and efficient devices to give you the most immersive feeling of the music. These devices are capable of hugging your ears very well with the comfort and lightweight and yet give you an outstanding experience. The JBL TUNE 500BT is wireless on-ear headphone, custom-built for this. The wireless Bluetooth streaming option allows you to stream on your favorite play lists from your smartphone without any messy cords. The JBL TUNE 500BT plays all songs with JBL pure bass sound which can be found in the most famous of concerts around the world. Immerse yourself in a more live experience than just music. Furthermore, you can also have easy control over your sound and your calls from your headphones with a convenient one-button remote with a mic. This hands-free call option makes it easier to attend to all the calls while you’re on the go.

Enjoy all these for up to 16 hours of maximum battery life and spend just two hours for recharging. Speed recharge takes about five minutes and gives you about one hour of battery life. Stay connected with your favorites all time all day. It is lightweight, comfortable, and a foldable design. The soft cushions for the ears and padded headband make these headphones very comfortable to wear. Despite the cushioning, it’s yet very light. The foldable design makes it convenient for you to carry your headphones at all times as well.

In addition, the multipoint connections allow you to seamlessly switch from one Bluetooth device to another. This, therefore, ensures that you can switch from a video on your tablet to a call from your mobile phone so that you never miss that phone call that comes in. Last but not least you could also use Siri or Google Now with just a push of a button to activate the Voice Assistant – a multifunctional button!

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