Enchant Subwoofer



Enchant Subwoofer

Place the wireless Enchant subwoofer anywhere in your home and enjoy your favorite music all day long! Its design and style certainly fit any type of house, office, or space without a hassle. You could now experience a deeper bass and an immersive hearing experience during all your entertainment moments with this new addition to your sound system.

Whether it be music, movies, or games, you will be able to experience the real beat to its best amplification. The  ultra-low resonance enclosure provides a clearer bass without distortion, no matter how high the volume goes. The state-of-the-art design delivers thunderous low tones that make your entertainment more exciting. This feature will ensure that every beat would be crystal clear and you would be able to experience music and its quality at its highest level possible.

Special Features 

The Enchant Subwoofer also has a bass reflect port design, which will allow you to hear louder and more exciting bass during all your entertainment moments. You could now live life to the fullest as you watch a movie or play a video game that would feel as natural as it could get!

The Enchant Subwoofer could conveniently fit anywhere in your home as the dimensions are only at (W x H x D)11.7” x 15.7” x 11.7” (296mm x 400mm x 296mm). This device can emit a maximum audio power of 400 W and an RMS power of 200W. It also has a standby power consumption of less than 2W. It is also notable that the subwoofer features a standby mode. If the woofer is connected to the soundbar successfully, then it will enter or exit standby mode with the soundbar.

Audio Specifications

The operating temperature is normally between 00C – 450C. It also has a Frequency Response of 40Hz-160Hz.


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