JBL Reflect Mini NC




JBL Reflect Mini NC
The JBL Reflect Mini NC is waterproof true wireless in-ear sport headphones. These headphones come with the IPX7 waterproof sweatproof rating with a reflective JBL logo for enhanced visibility. You could choose from a range of colors such as black white and blue and look stylish anywhere you go. You also have a multi AI building as you could access Google or Amazon Alexa who are there to make everything you want as simple as a breeze.
You can enjoy extremely high and superior sound quality both indoors and outdoors with this particular device. The JBL signature sound ensures that you  immerse in a mesmerizing musical experience. Hands-free stereo calls with auto-pause are an added advantage in this device as the left and right mikes pick up the stereo on your phone calls. You could remove them and they put your music on hold and you don’t even need to think about pausing it. Artificial intelligence has been brought to maximum use with such inventions that are truly astonishing. My JBL headphones app gives you further control and personalization.

In addition to all these special features, you could enjoy after 21 hours of playtime. the long battery life lets you play as much as long as you want to and you do not have to stop or take time to recharge either. This device gives you 7 hours of maximum time in buds and up to 14 hours of maximum time in the case. The TalkThru mode drops the music level down allowing you to talk to your friends without removing your headphones. This amazing feature ensures that you’re always connected with the people that are around you and never isolated just because you’re listening to your favorite music on your earphones. With the Ambient Aware dedication button future, you could engage and immerse yourself with an increased ambient sound which also lets you hear what’s happening around you. This ensures that you don’t have to let the music stop when you still need to pay attention to your surroundings.


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