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The world is transforming faster than we think and so is technology. Every day is a new day in the technology industry where there are new inventions that add more convenience and comfort to our lives. JBL Tune 125TWS is it true wireless in-ear headphone that fits elegantly within your ears. they may be small in size yet capable of bringing the whole world towards you. You can feel the best with the incredible sound power that it has. Enjoy every moment as you feel and live the beats the tunes and the emotions that music carries with it.

JBL Tune 125TWS is available in various colors such as blue black white and pink. choose a color that best fits your chosen style and mood! The freedom of being wireless is unimaginable. Tangled, or knotted up wires become very inconvenient and unprofessional while at work orbit colleagues. Do cables being caught to your hair or the jacket? Well no more! As you could now enjoy about that fitting just within the ears.

Your listening experience is made better when you are able to connect with your music and playlist after 32 hours at a stretch. Keep your own private concert-going for as long as you wish with the use of this device. You could fast pair with your Android devices with a single tap. You could also use both the buds at the same time or use one at a time depending on your need and necessity. The dual connect gives you the choice of seamlessly enjoying music or making calls with either one or both the buttons at the same time. You could also keep your battery life seemingly more enhanced as you could leave one in the case for charging while you use the other one and swap as you go.

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Black, Blue, Hero White, Pink


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